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Become a member!

Dear members of the scientific community:

In the name of the Board of Directors of the Argentinian Society of Clinical Investigation (SAIC), we wish to invite you to become members of this society, unique in Argentina.

Why become a member?

-The annual fee, which is very affordable, includes registration to the Annual Meeting and allows you to apply to the several Fellowships and Awards granted during the meeting.

-It also grants access to the special discount fees in courses and workshops that are performed during the year throughout the country.

-As a member, you can propose and develop activities for SAIC and/or joint scientific societies.

-You can participate and vote as a representative of the different nodes that conform the board of directors.

-Young researchers have the chance to join SAIC as Adherent members, with a reduced price membership.

-Reception of the newsletter with information about courses, workshops, fellowships, and job opportunities.

Full Members

People older than 21 years old are eligible to become full members if they meet the following conditions:

1) MDs that reside in Argentina, are under 65 years old perform clinical or medical research, and are morally correct.

2) Professionals who graduated in other areas under 65 years old that possess renowned and continued clinical or medical research, which are morally correct.

Admission conditions

Applicants must complete the “Become a member” form that needs to be endorsed by 2 Full or Extraordinary Members, who cannot be currently part of the Board of Directors.

The letter of intent needs to be accompanied by a Bioscketch.

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