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Who are we?

The Argentine Society of Clinical Investigation (SAIC) was founded in 1960 by Dr. Alfredo Lanari together with other clinical researchers. Today, it is one of the most prestigious Societies in our country with the highest number of members, including the most notable representatives of biomedical investigation in Argentina. Renowned professors and/or researchers belonging to CONICET and different Universities are counted among its more than 700 members.

SAIC is a multidisciplinary scientific society with interests in basic and applied research; it is a founding member of the Bioscience Network, affiliated with the Association for the Progress of Sciences and the Forum of Scientific Societies of our country.

The Society is structured in three parts: the Education Committee, the Ethics Committee, and the Directory Board. The first one organizes several training activities, the second evaluates clinical investigation protocols and the third supervises the other two and fosters the most important activity the Society executes every year: The International Annual Meeting, which has been organized by the Society for more than 60 years. The Directory Board focuses in this work.


We are an association of scientific professionals who promote and encourage basic, experimental, translational, and clinical research in health sciences, offering discussion and training spaces for Basic Researchers and Students, and in this way, contributing to the scientific development of our country.


  • To promote, encourage, and facilitate multidisciplinary interchange among biomedical sciences in Argentina.

  • To support the engagement of students and young researchers in scientific activities. 

  • To facilitate and promote the communication and dissemination of knowledge among scientists.

  • To encourage original scientific production.

  • To foster the education and development of new scientists.

  • To contribute to continuous medical education.

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